Wednesday, May 07, 2003

What do I think? I think that moms desperately need more personal time. This mom does, anyway. But when when when? Get the kids safely off to bed, and I'm whipped myself. Can't sit at the computer during the day or the house goes to Sheol in a coracle. BUT IF I Turn on the one-eyed-monster to serve as a babysitter--NOW WE'RE TALKING!

So right now the kids are watching Kipper the Dog whilst I sit here and do nothing. very cool.

Kite flying was on the agenda for the afternoon, so Andy took the kids over to Aylen Jr Hi and tried to catch any passing breezes with varying degrees of success. My mission: hit the bank and deposit this month's piano lessons income, then get a portable buzz from the nearest Martin Henry's coffee. Turbo mocha for me; decaf vanilla latte for Andy. I'm ready to go running for 3 miles now!

Spring is in the air, and sandals are on the feet. D has outgrown his so off to Wal-Mart, that Bastion of American Frumpery On Display, to purchase some cheap teva rip-offs.