Saturday, June 25, 2005

Yeah, but what do their yards look like? - Lawn mowers not just for chores anymore I thought this was a Worth1000 Photoshopping contest, but NOT SO!

If NASCAR is for the beer-and-chilidogs crowd, then what breed of human would watch this?

Still, it's funny enough to me that I'd probably watch it at least perhaps it's for the quirky college-educated quasi-intellectual types?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Thursday, June 09, 2005

New York Daily News - Stanley Crouch: The descent of Michael

New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Stanley Crouch: The descent of Michael

All those people protesting outside the SB County Courthouse, insisting that Michael is innocent... should at least examine this article - are they basing their judgment on the facts of the case, or are they simply honoring a man's ability and talents and concluding he can do no wrong?

I'm reminded (since I just reread the book) of Book 4 in the Harry Potter series where Ludo Bagman, on trial before the Wizengamot for passing secret Ministry information to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named - essentially gets off because 1.) he's an idiot and didn't suspect his father's best friend of being a spy for Voldemort, but more importantly, 2.) because he plays on England's Quidditch team and helped them win a very important game just before the trials began.

Let's hope the jury keeps the focus on the facts, not the fans.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mall Reflections

I was out last week. All by me onesies! Andy took the dear kids to Mt Rainier and I WENT SHOPPING with my birthday money. It was peaceful! Quiet! nobody badgering me to BUY THIS BUY THAT CAN I HAVE THIS WHY NOT?

I had the most opportunity for people watching at the mall. I went to Costco first, but those people fall into my range of normalcy, so I didn't witness anything too odd (to me) there. But the mall, however, draws people of all walks of life.

At one point I saw Lily Munster. I swear! She was in her late 50s-early 60s; about 5 feet tall, long black hair with streaks of grey; defined cheekbones and sharp jaw, and the heavy eyeliner/shadow--it made me do a (mental) doubletake.

On my way out I was reflecting on the current trend for women to wear low-rise jeans with cropped t-shirts. It doesn't seem to matter nowadays if you have a doughnut around your middle that flops over your jeans, just let it all ooze anyway and strut yourself! Be proud of Who You Are! And flaunt all your...assets! As I was pondering such things, I had to do a hard stare. Walking about 50 feet ahead of me was a well-fed woman in her early 20's who was wearing jeans and a crop top. What made this rather interesting is that the belt she used to cinch her pants to her body was a pale pink/flesh color. So from a distance, it looked like she had about 2 inches of crack showing before her jeans began. I chuckled to myself when I figured out a second later that the "crack" was, in reality, a belt loop. It was cursedly inconveniently placed though!

I briefly considered buying a "Vote For Pedro" button but decided against it. Napoleon Dynamite is a guilty pleasure. It's a stupid movie, but it makes me laugh anyway. "Tina! Come eat some HAM!" --side note, That should be the topic of another post: guilty pleasures.

My bathtub water is getting cold. The kids are supposedly staying in their rooms so perhaps I can leave my post now and relax. However, it's never a sure thing; last night Sam came in at midnight to tell me she couldn't sleep...thereby waking me out of a sound sleep. then of course they stay in bed today until 9:45 am. I must get better at getting this family UP and AT 'EM; otherwise they'd stay in bed all day. (Yes, even you, Andy.) it's difficult though, if I leave the house at 8:15 to go to the gym...
ah heck with it, I can't control everything, and I'm not responsible for everything. I do what I can, and hose the rest.