Sunday, June 15, 2003

Aahhhh, Sunday night and kids are in bed. Today was a day of sunshine and soapsuds and clean cars. In lieu of a big fancy bbq dinner for Fathers' Day I washed Andy's cars instead --ooOOO I windexed the windshields and windows too. Kids "helped" by playing in the suds and eating otter pops.

I could almost ignore the pile of ironing that needs tending to... but not for much longer, the closet is bereft of short-sleeved shirts, and in this oh-it's-summer-already? weather I need a good supply of those on hand. Not to mention this is the last week of normalcy before the world grinds to a halt for our church's vacation Bible school. Just write off anything productive THAT week, lemmetellya.

best way to pass time as you iron: talk to God. Pretend He's sitting on the couch while you work. It's very interesting. God and I iron clothes together. Give it a try sometime.

5 days until the new Harry Potter comes out. Figures it will be the day before vacation Bible school. Guess who's gonna be staying up all night to read it? :O) yeeeep. I will be sure to get all the laundry and meals done in advance so i can live on popcorn and quarts of water.

POPCORN. good ideeee. then God and I will iron.