Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's been a hard day's day

Note the time of this post: 8:06 pm PST. We just finished school for today. Actually, it's more of a "fiat" finish (you know, like "fiat money" - valuable just because the gov't says so..... so this is a "fiat" finish to school in that I have declared WE ARE DONE FOR TODAY.") In reality The Schedule dictates that there is still science and art to accomplish, BUT NOT NOW. I have had quite enough, thank YOU!

The day was rather hashed up, though. The kids had a 12:30 picture appointment, I had a 1 pm hair appointment, and I was out this AM until after 11. So school didnt really BEGIN until 11:20. And like the Energizer Bunny, it just kept going, and going, and going.....interrupted by various and sundry Important Things. (I have been reading A.A. Milne, author of Pooh, who Capitalizes Important Ideas like the above).

I dunno if it's the cache of Halloween candy david found, or what, but the kids for the last two days have been like Tiggers. Driving me BATTY!! This house isn't big enough to contain all the kinetic energy - not to mention potential energy -- contained in two primary aged kidlets.

And did you know my new haircut makes me look "old"? :p Not my age, 35, but more like 40 or so. So I have been told.

And I thought I looked perky.

Oh well, at least the grey is gone!

Now, where is that Halloween candy? I need some of that to jazz me up a notch!

I know I did other things today, but you really don't want the details of blanching and cutting corn from the cob to get it ready to freeze in packs. I will finish the task tomorrow (LORD WILLING!!)

I have also made it to the gym 3 days straight---EXCEPT for today. And tomorrows not looking too good either. But i was proud of myself last night. I made it through Delaina's Cycling class. Usually I start getting nauseated, blood pounding, lights flashing behind my eyes, about :40 into the ride. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN last night! WOOT! I was dripping quarts of sweat (excuse me, perspiration for the gentler readers), and I was physically challenged, but I never made it to that out of control level that characterized my rides back in January. February. March. etc. So either my fitness level has improved; or I didn't push myself as hard. :) I think partly the music she chose was rather in-your-face motivating, yeaaaaaaaahahahahahaaa GO GO GO. That really helps. Anyway I wanted to build on that success today, but alas, it was not to be.

Lori told me tonight (via IM) that I needed to read Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss. I have heard about this book for years but never found it (not looked really hard either!) but anyway.... I'm asking for it for Christmas. No doubt it will be a really convicting read! :)

Wow, in the time after dinner it took to finish school and me to blog, the dishwasher has stopped running. Yay!~ enough hot water to take a bath!! I am putting the spawn to bed and it's only 8:29 p.m.!! And I will eat popcorn and read a book! or maybe play Minesweeper!!

OH YEAH!!! I finally beat the game!! Twice, now.