Wednesday, September 26, 2007

William Tell Overture for Moms

I wrote this song, I think!

Either that or it's just that moms all share a brainwave.

Whatever. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

things to say, just no time to say it

AUGH! Too tired.
1) School started for the kids on a Friday. We promptly took the day off and went to the Fair. I have pictures of people many of you will know. You run into a lot of riff raff at the Fair, you know. Will post later.
2) Monday, another school day, we went to The Fair again. Hey. $1 rides for Monday Madness! Ticket prices are now $.85 each and the Good Rides are 6 tickets= $5.10 per ride for two children, no thank you!! So we took advantage of the cheap day.
3) School. Actually doing it. :) D. is being rather diligent. S. is being scatterbrained and "huh?" about the whole thing.
4) Piano Lessons. Rescheduling a lot of them, because Wednesday was the Puyallup School District's early release from school for
5) Fair Day. We didn't go. But Weird Al was there! And I missed it.
6) Friday, a school day, we took a field trip to Pack Forest near Eatonville. Ate wild blackberries and hiked around, trying to avoid mountain lions.
7) Audra's had two family funerals to attend, 24 hours apart, so I helped make some cookies and frosting for cupcakes, while also baking a special cake for
8) S's 9th birthday, which was Saturday. We celebrated by....going to the fair? Yes. It's true. Well, we turned in their zucchini for the Largest Zucchini Contest. Neither D nor S won this year. And since we'd already seen and done it all at a trot, a gallop, and real slow so your heart won't palpitate....we came home.

So with all the school we've not been doing, we've been doing a lot of school to make up for it.

Does that even make sense?
Anywho, I am tired. Was nodding off during the pastor's sermon this morning. Not good, as he is also my husband.
And now, my eye is all red and watery and gummy again!! More pinkeye? bah, I hope not!
pictures later.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

dealing with the Varmint Cong

Over the last several weeks my front and back yards have been dotted with mounds of dirt, in winding trails in the middle of the yard, in straight lines along the driveway, in the middle of a flower bed.

An opportunistic creature, the mole showed up whilst we were vacationing. No pitter patter of little feet overhead! Worms galore! Glorious! No doubt the mole thought he himself was vacationing. The problem was, he never left after we came back. So every day, fresh mounds of dirt. At one point the position of dirt mounds looked like he was moving next door, but alas, something about our dirt and worms drew him back.

Garden Guru Ed Hume suggests a castor oil formula to drive them away, and we dutifully purchased some...but the network was too vast to even begin. In the end it was good ol' fashioned trapping that took care of him. Supposedly this is illegal in Washington state. So if I end up blogging only sporadically from jail, you'll know why. Maybe I'll have to wear a scarlet M on my shirt or something.

Now the kids are excited --we'll have another mole skin to put on the Christmas tree this year!

Background story: our friends the N's have a huge mole problem (they also have a huge amount of acreage) - well, some years back Bob gave A. a dead mole that his cat had caught. A. thought the fur was cool (their fur is so soft!) - Rebecca thought the feet were cool-- so between the two of them, the mole was dispatched. And since that time, every year we've put the mole skin on our Christmas tree. Why? BECAUSE... we are demented and strange. Don't ask stupid questions! :)

Monday, September 03, 2007

should she stay or should she go now?

Jennifer may have to evacuate her home this evening due to a wildfire on Wright's Mountain. She lives fewer than 2 miles away from there, according to my handy-dandy Google Earth. See? (click to view full).

Fortunately she's surrounded by open fields, but there's still a boatload of dry grass around that area.

Waiting to hear from her...whether she stayed or went.