Saturday, June 07, 2008

filing away for future blackmail

Today's topic: personal hygiene.

Our subject: 10yo male, firstborn, Type A personality

The circumstances: He failed to use soap/shampoo in the shower he was persuaded (under duress) to take. So he had to take another shower, his father threatening to come in to the shower WITH HIM and scrub his head for him. This did not actually transpire, but the idea of his father coming IN TO THE SHOWER and viewing him in his altogether put the fear of God into the boy so he actually used soap.

His enraged quote (at the top of his lungs, whilst in the shower the second time): "Hygiene stinks! It's pointless! It's disgusting!"

The family's collective mocking did not improve his mood any, but at least the boy is next to godliness now.