Monday, August 15, 2016

God's only got one side. His.

Lately I've been observing two warring factions on the internet. From my dispassionate standpoint, there's elements of truth and error to each group. 

What's interesting to me as a study in human character is the lengths to which some are willing to go to vilify the other group, while claiming the righteousness of God and truth is on their side. 

People who never name the name of Christ now find verses of scripture and post them in justification... as a "so THERE" or a "see how God agrees with ME" form of arrogance. 

Every seeming inspirational post is now tinged with an "in your face" attitude that makes me either roll my eyes, or heave a sigh.

Please, God, keep me from arrogance in my dealing with others. Keep me from wresting scriptures to support my failing, limited understanding.
And keep me as Switzerland. 

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